Ways to become a sustainable artist

Art and Sustainability

In my life I have always been around artists and art. Art has been a constant element in my every day life, you could say it has become part of my DNA. In a way which makes me feel deeply connected to its changing ways. The ways in which we used to make art to how we make art now, needs to change.

The old methods of art making is no longer harmonious for our lives and our environment. Art mediums and tools are densely packed with ingredients that are not sustainably sourced or made. This is a huge problem for artists who desperately want to create sustainable art and although the ingredients in most art mediums are not eco-friendly or sustainable, there are ways to work around this. (Thank goodness)

Art and Sustainability go hand in hand when considering the way in which the world is changing. Sustainability is the new norm and art needs to catch up with the how world is changing.

Simone Blackman

Art that is created with paper, canvas and paint is traditionally the most common form of art and it has been for centuries, but there is an unfortunate fact that one needs to consider and that simply is that most of these related products are not sustainable or eco-friendly, but as I mentioned before there is a way around it!


  • Finding an art supplier or brand that creates sustainable art mediums.
  • Reusing old canvases that have already got a painting on them, many times I stumble across canvases that have half a painting on them and are being thrown away. Do not throw away old canvases, reuse them.
  • Buy second art supplies from people who are selling, surprisingly there are many people who want to sell perfect condition art supplies.


These are just a few of the many places where sustainable art supplies can be bought. Art is ever changing and now more than ever needs to change and move towards sustainability. Art is essential to society and so is sustainability.