A simple guide


A simple guide to buying the right fabrics and materials.

Fibers and mediums have always been important in the longevity of a product. What a product is made from, and where it is made is an essential factor to consider when buying products.

When studying architecture and interior design, I was always heavily fascinated with the Eco-friendly side of products and design. Understanding products from beginning to end is extremely important if you want to live an Eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

The easiest way to see what fabrics are being used is by looking at the contents label on the back side of any fabric product – clothes, cloths, bedding and home decor items.

There are a lot of natural Fabrics that are sustainable and Eco-conscious.

There are the top most sustainable natural fabrics that you can buy when living an Eco-conscious lifestyle. You can choose from three different type of fabric types, plant-based, recycled and animal-based.



Sustainable fabrics that you can confidently buy:

PLANT-BASED FIBERS with low Eco-impact:

– Organic cotton

– Flax linen

– Hemp Linen

– Ramie


– Recycled Polyester

– Recycled Cotton

– Recycled wool

– Recycled Nylon

ANIMAL-BASED FIBERS (produced in sustainable way):

– Alpaca

– Silk

– Responsible wool

– Responsible Cashmere

– Responsible Leather