Embracing Sustainable Design



Helps eliminate waste and pollution.


Oh boy! Where do I even begin. I love sustainability, it is the future!

I guess I should begin with explaining what sustainability is and how I have personally engaged with it and “dissected” it on my own personal level.

I honestly feel that Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of our every day lives. In order to survive we need sustainability. It is a mindset change, that leads to a lifestyle change.

Your mindset needs to be one that is aware of the journey of everything that is around you, from internal to externals, This includes what you eat, wear and how you live your life.

You may be asking – “How do I change my mindset?”

I am so glad you asked, it is really simple (thank goodness) and really is a enlightening experience. Knowledge is power, understanding the beginning and end of a product and service is key to having a sustainable mindset.

Have a sustainable mindset is simply about elimination, eliminating non-sustainable products and services from your life. Research is always required in the process of understanding.


Why is sustainability so important?

Here are key factors that I use in my life to ensure I keep a sustainable mindset & lifestyle.

1 – knowing where and how a product is made, reading the back of product packaging to see if it Eco-friendly or cruelty free.

2 – Stay away from non-sustainable materials. Plastics and non- biodegradable materials are always a big no no.

3 – stick to natural and unprocessed materials. materials that are biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment.

4 – Buy second hand or reuse from old.

These are only a few of the easy ways to become sustainable.

You may now be asking – “but what is sustainable design?” again I am so glad you asked!

Sustainable design is a method of construction for products and services. where products are made and designed using sustainable guide lines and ethics.

These products and services focus on sustainability from start to finish, the method of going back to the old way of doing things, reaching back into history to apply ancient sustainable methods to modern fashion and design.

Sustainable design is how the world is going, a constant progression to undo the damage that mass production has caused. Pollution and waste are two areas that sustainable design effect.