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Where to start the changes you can make to live Eco-consciously…

There are a few ways to start the transition from normal living to Eco-conscious living. When I began my transition I decided the best way to start is by slowly investing in Eco-conscious items.

You may wonder what exactly are Eco-conscious items, truthfully there are a lot of of different types, but the one type we will focus on, is the one that has a direct physical link to your lifestyle and everyday behavior.

The easiest way to live Eco-consciously is to eliminate all items that contain plastic or poly-type ingredients. About 90% of all store bought items contain poly ingredients from plastic packaging to even the clothes items you buy.

Throughout my transition I have targeted 6 main areas that I can begin working on to change my lifestyle. The goods that help you live Eco-consciously



1 – Find a plastic-free and Eco-friendly grocery store. Most of these stores actually sell the majority of what you’ll need to transition into an Eco-conscious lifestyle. I will list the items that you will need to look for and start investing in:

Glass and Metal containers – when buying from a package free store, you can directly place the items you want to buy into your own glass jar containers and then weigh and pay.

Natural Fabric bags – these are perfect for going into any store and picking from the loose fruit section, placing the items in your fabric bags and weighing it at the till, these are usable and can really make a shopping trip a lot of fun!

– Most packaging free stores sell packaging free shampoos, conditioners, general house cleaners as well as clothes washing soaps. This is fantastic as most of our house cleaning items are full of terrible chemicals but are also packages in plastic. Buying from packaging free stores, you use your own glass container that you refill and weigh as you need. How amazing is that!

The key points that need to be considered:

1 – Living Eco-consciously is not about you at all, its not about what feels good or what makes you happy, its about living a life that is selfless and sustainable. A lifestyle that places others before yourself, one where future generations will benefit.

2 – Raising a family that is trained in an Eco-sustainable lifestyle is such a great way to make an impact, to spread the lifestyle and to make a move towards Eco living.

This lifestyle is not always easy, but it is so worth the time, effort and money that it takes.

Let’s live a life, worthy of remembering.